crappy matches on this world cup

@rolento (227)
June 19, 2010 7:09pm CST
what do you think that is happening with this world cup matches? i think that most of them have been awful and a piece of crap, very boring matches, except 2 or 3, and the most funny thing is that some teams says that the fault is from the ball. i don't know what tehy did expected, a squared ball perhaps :P. and on other group of things. what team you think will be the next that will go home before the predicted? i think it will be spain at least that they stop making 43437637436 touchings on the midfield without shooting between the 3 posts, and in football the important thing is score more goals than the rival, not making more touches with the ball
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@AleaUn (23)
• Serbia And Montenegro
20 Jun 10
They can always blame it on a ball, yes, because it is rounded, you cannot deny it:)) They are booooring! But, like somebody pointed out, it's disgusting how much money is spent on them. OK, efforts, difficult, trainings... but to receive 20 million per year, for salary? I don't know, but maybe the money is to blame for poor games. The most of them want to save their body for clubs, and bigger money....
@rolento (227)
• Spain
20 Jun 10
maybe this year the players wanted a squared ball instead of a rounded one and because this they are complaining :P now being serious, if teams are complaining because the ball instead of trying to correct the mistakes that they do on the field maybe they should rethink what the hell are doing in this competition
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
20 Jun 10
I agree that we are seeing a lot of shoddy matches. In fact yesterday in Cameroon vs. Denmark though the match was interesting, the quality on display was poor. Poor passing and heavy touches meant that no team was really looking fluid, but of course poor defending meant that there were chances galore at either end. I think teams have really not done proper preparations or worked with each other to be on the same wavelength. In England's match, the players just did not seem to have an idea of where the next player was going to pass the ball!! Cheers! Ram
• Nigeria
20 Jun 10
I think Nigeria is out, and for the ball nothing happen to the ball, they're trying to cover-up there misfortuned, after-all they all trained with this ball.
20 Jun 10
I think that there has been quite a few below par matches in this world cup. The ball may have something to do with it but the teams have known what type of ball they were going to use for a while before the world cup commenced so they had plenty of time to practice. I think that the so called lesser teams have got more organised and so there is not as many free scoring games as there have been in world cups gone by.