How do you choose your discussion?

June 21, 2010 6:30am CST
Sometimes I just stare at all those pictures representing life, music, eating, health, cooking and I can't think of anything. Sometimes ideas just comes out of my mind that I think would be good for discussion (and it usually comes out when I'm about to go to sleep) haha... and the following day I just totally couldn't remember. How do you choose your discussion? Do you write them down? Have certain topics you really like? or just like what I do, I just do it randomly whatever comes out of my mind.
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@Hatley (164806)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Jun 10
santosmarichris hi Sometimes I use something of my own experience that I feel others may also be interested in and that I may have a problem with so there is really something to discuss. sometimes I get an inspiration from someone else's discussion but on a topic that is just barely related to their topic. I often get good responses from those discussions too. I too sometimes think of a great discussion idea when I am in bed and when I do get to my computer I cannot dredge it out at all. sad. I guess one could have a small notepad and write the idea down.that would be efficient.but alas I am not that efficient. lol
@devon0 (61)
• China
23 Jun 10
Hi,friend. We have a lot of topics that we can communicate each other. But we often choose some topics that we are interested in. Personally,I would like to select the topics which I am interested in. Then I will discuss with others. Of course, I often chat or exchange some interesting things with my classmates,my best friend,my collagues. That is great to me!
@qianyun6 (2069)
• China
22 Jun 10
I responded much more than started, so I read many others' discussions, most of my inspiration comes from them. The others are from my life, such as what I saw, what i did, etc.
@icegermany (2524)
• India
22 Jun 10
i think most of us we do the same, sometimes writing at mylot is very easier but sometimes it is like very difficult and we just dont know what to write. sometimes we feel so free and we think that we can write here more and more but at certain times its opposite and it also happens that we want to write a comment for some discussion but when we start of we lack the ideas and we stop writing there and move on to some other discussion where we can write. it happens most of the times with and i think there are people like me who are here facing the same.
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
21 Jun 10
i always open my email first so i can see what my friends had started, if i can response to it then i give a piece of my mind, but it not then i just dont. but i make sure i open my emails so i can read all the notifications there. i also comment back on the response i get for my discussion. of course it is natural that i response on things that i have on my interest list. sometimes if a person who response on my discussion is not on my friend list i go to his/her profile and look for something to response, some kind of payback.
@artizan (195)
21 Jun 10
i choose discussions by my listed friends first, and see what they have started .. I dont always wish to respond because feel i have nothing worth adding to some discussions, or some one has already said what i would have done.... I also look through the digest that is sent by e mail.. and if there is a topic that i feel i can add to or have some understanding or knowledge on, then will join in... then there are those which i can learn from too., something that interests me because i have not experiened the topic before., so i read other responses first., so i can learn more before making a response... so usually my friends list supplies what i need.... so thankyou friend.. as you post many discussion i cant get around to answering them all :) bless xxx
• United States
21 Jun 10
On my desk at home i have discussion that i have wrote down that i would like to start. I would never remember them if i dont write them down when i am not on mylot to start them. If i am reading a magazine at home that i have boght i keep a pen and a pad of paper by me so i can write down a discussion topic that i have read about in a magazine. A magazine for me is usually where i get all my ideas, and sometimes when i am reading someone else's discussion they have started i get an idea and start another discussion then. I don't have certain interests i like to talk about, i have so many interests and sometimes when i go through them i get an idea to write about. Have a great day mylotting
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
21 Jun 10
From the world around me and my family. From what I perceive of life. From things that trouble me and excite me. From me, myself.
@rosie230 (1674)
21 Jun 10
Sometimes, I see the pictures at the top of the screen, and think about something I could write that would fit into those categories, but most of the time if I have something in my head that I think will make for a good discussion, or if there is something going on in my life that I want to write about, then I generally will look for the category that my discussion topic would fit under well. Saying that though, there have been many occasions where I would simply forget what I have wanted to create a discussion about. I think that happens to us all. Perhaps what we should do whether we are out and about or sitting at home, is whenever an idea comes into our minds about a discussion, we should write the idea down somewhere so we do not forget about it.