Would you disown a family relative?

@gicolet (1704)
United States
June 22, 2010 2:21pm CST
If you had an ugly fight with a cousin or aunt or uncle, etc would you disown them out of extreme anger and resentment? I had a fight with my first cousin recently and I really, really don't like her attitude. She just doesn't seem to be a good person in some ways. I was never close with her but because she's older than me she thought she could say anything to me. She looked down on me like I'm a nobody and it really hurt my feelings. I told her about it and she never said sorry. I don't want to be spiteful but I'm really mad at her right now and I don't want to speak to her ever again. I mean it. EVER! If someday I find it in my heart to forgive her I also don't need to let her know about it. Our parents are both gone already anyways so nobody is going to get in the middle of our fight...thank goodness. How about you? Would you disown or ever talk again to a family relative you had a big fight with?
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@catalyser (531)
• Malaysia
23 Jun 10
No, I would never do that. I don't have the most perfect family and we do have our own internal spats every now and then but we still keep it together. There is no perfect families out there. It is hard enough to forgive other people and if we can't forgive our own family, then who then could we forgive?
@rosie230 (1674)
22 Jun 10
I would say that I would probably not disown them, but I would just not contact them. I have had fights but nothing too major with my family, but I think you only get one family so even if you keep them at arms length, it is better than disowning them completely. Just let it run it's course, and if she wants you, I am sure she will call you.