lack of sleep causes hairfall when taking a bath..

June 26, 2010 3:51am CST
I've met with my friends yesterday and we've discussed about our sleeping habits, she told me that when we will have a very short sleep in the night, then taking a bath when we wake up causes hair fall. I don't exactly have the proof of this fact but i do believe that it is so. My husband is a band member & usually his gigs starts from 8pm till 2am that makes him sleep from 3am and wake up at about 7am because he has a job from 8am - 5pm, he's a workaholic alright!, i always saw falling hairs in his t-shirts & in his pillow, maybe it's because this. is this really true? have you ever had an experience like this?
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@lacieice (2065)
• United States
26 Jun 10
Hi graciella. No, not sleeping well does not make your hair fall out. Neither does showering. We shed and grow hair every day, so you will see stray hairs in your comb or brush and on your clothes. It is completely normal and natural. I have no idea where these wild tales start, but believe me this one is not true.
@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Jun 10
oh my g what on earth does taking a bath make your hair fallout, you may notice some loose hairs in the bath water but the bath did not cause the hairs to fall out. Thats illogical just like if you saw a rainbow then brushed your hair and some hairs came out, the rainbow did not cause it nor did the bath cause it.we all lose so many hairs each day according to dermatologists and that's normal. I do not immediately assume that if I lost a few hairs after doing some activity that that caused them to fall out. This is purel ignorance on the part of the person who assumes that taking a bath had a damned thing to do with hair loss.Snopes this if you need proof that this is a silly belief.