Wraps, Joints and Blunts

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June 26, 2010 12:01pm CST
People have been rolling weed in wraps for centurys in hopes of catching a nice fade. I personally have a passion for rolling myself. I like to look at it as a type of art work. As those of you that smoke blunts or joints know, each spliff is different. Its alot of fun to roll one up and share it with your fellow smokers. My question to you, the myloting smokers, is "do you like do you like blunts or joints better?" If you like blunts better, do you prefer to crack them open yourself and empty out the guts or do you prefer buying an empty blunt wrap? If you like joints better i would like to know what kind of papers you use and why.
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29 Jul 10
I, sir, preffer my buds tightly wrapped within a nice zig-zag wrap. I preffer joints because I too look at rolling joints as an art form. i feel that each and every joint i roll is a gift. i like for my fellow smokers to appreciate my rolling skills. Blunts on the other hand are nice when you have enough weed and they get you really super stoned9(:
@maezee (34486)
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26 Jun 10
Ahh.. Here is where my inexperienced-ness comes in. I have always used oneies and bowls rather than anything else. (Well, back in high school that i I don't even know how to roll a blunt, or a joint. No one has ever taught me. I would imagine that if I had to pick, I'd say a joint, just because it seems like less work. And I'm lazy. HA.
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4 Oct 10
i wish i knew how to roll. i should learn sometime. but i prefer to smoke out of blunts. i just feel like everything is secure lol.. i do smoke joints occasionally .. i used the Bob Marley papers.. and about the splitting and de-gutting a blunt .. it doesn't bother me. it kinda makes me be like "yeaah,im gonna be smoking this fat blunt in a few minutes" ... mental preparation i guess [: