Names availability

June 28, 2010 11:20am CST
Lots of names that are good and many people want them are not available because someone else has taken them first.However many of them that have nice names are not active anymore,so what I suggest is to erase the accounts that are not active lately.And if you want to be sure that no one is going to complain,erase accounts that are not active for the last 1 or 2 years.I am sure you are going to "free" many wanted names...
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@topffer (36359)
• Djibouti, Djibouti
28 Jun 10
Think a little more RevengeGR : even if a member is deleted or has canceled his account, his username is still alive in the discussions he started or responded, and it is impossible to take again the same username. If you cancel your account tomorrow, and this discussion is your unique discussion, nobody will be able to take it again. I like that myLot does not delete an inactive account : some members are coming back after months of inactivity and are pleased to find again their old friends here and to start a new discussion .
• Greece
28 Jun 10
Well,they could delete their discussions,too.Delete discussions that are not active for a year or two.What's the problem.If they delete the users that are not active for two years and then delete discussions that are not active for two years,eventually the will erase someone completely from th site,which will free the names.And,about the members that are coming back you mentioned,I didn't say to erase members that are inactive for months,I said for two years.It's big difference.Besides,even if the returned after even 2 years,they would remember their friends,so they could just inform them that they are back with an other account.And even if they don't remember their names,it's not too difficult to make new friends or meet old ones from discussions that they DO remember.Last,but not least,the weird thing in this situation is to return after two years,not erasing an account that hasn't been active for two years,in order to please the others,if you understand what I mean....
• United States
29 Jun 10
But why would we want to delete really good discussions? Why take away so much of the good stuff on our website? Also, why punish all of the current members who participated in those discussions you suggest we delete?
• Greece
29 Jun 10
Well,actually I thought of it after I wrote the comment.Well at the moment it can't happen.If discussions that their starters have be banned remain,maybe you could keep them by automatically replace their original starter with one account myLot staff has made for this reason.It's a bit difficult I think such thing to happen,but if you could,everyone would be happier...
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
1 Jul 10
It happens to me all the time, I want a cute name desperately to be used as my username (lol!) but then I cannot take it anymore because someone has already using it, so sometimes if I really want that name, I just put numbers or additional letters into it so that I can have it,hahaha. Oh so now I know that if we are not active here in mylot for 90 days, we will be deleted?I am super busy these past few days too because of my graduate school studies that's why my earnings seem not moving. But I tried an effort to remain active to have additional income for my masteral.hehe