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United States
June 29, 2010 1:00pm CST
Hi everyone! I have a delema and could use some advice. We recently moved to a new neighborhood, and there aren't many kids on our block. My kids ages 18, 15, 14 and 11 had a ton of friends where we used to live, so in an attempt to find someone to meet they started riding bikes around, sometimes they'd walk the dogs. Just the normal stuff kids do to check out the new neighborhood. My 14 year old met one woman who had a 2 year old, and mentioned she did some babysitting. I didn't think anything about it, my girls used to keep the neighbors kids on occassion, no big deal. Over the weekend this woman came over with her daughter, at first I didn't question it. Then my daughter mentions that she was texting this woman. The mom of the little girl wanted my 14 year old daughter to go to the doctor with her because she needed help with her 2 year old. Last night the woman came over again, wanting my 14 year old to 'hang out'. Now I'm becoming bothered. Why would a 24 year old old adult want to befriend a 14 year old? So I tell both this woman and my daughter that they don't have any business 'hanging out' together. One is an adult, my daughter is not. This woman sent my daughter a text this morning, when she didn't respond, she called my house. She told my daughter (who told this 24 year old that she wasn't allowed to hang out with her) the woman told my daughter, "well when you can, just go wander around" Like I wouldn't know, pahlease! Anyone know a legal way to keep her from my kid?
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@sable9 (15)
• Australia
1 Jul 10
Hi, I don't know much about the legal system but there must be something they can do as your child is a child. Maybe you could get a restraining order against the woman, whereby she isn't allowed near your daughter within a certain distance. There must be something like that! You could also have a criminal check on the woman if you know her name as you never know!! Cheers and best of luck!!
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• United States
6 Jul 10
I would change your daughter's telephone number, or (I don't know if it is possible) block the number. If you have caller id on your home phone, don't pick up when the 24yr old calls. If you are proactive in this manner, and she still pursues your family, then you might want to check with the local police.
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@will_win (222)
• India
23 Jul 10
I think you should do the enquiry by asking neighbors who this girl is after knowing you have to warned this women.If she is good than its good,if not you should warn your daughter and guide her.
@Hatley (164629)
• Garden Grove, California
8 Jul 10
hi stefaniClayton this does not sound good what the heck interest would a 24 year woman have with a fourteen year old child? this would bug me too as it does not sound healthy to me.Fourteen is still at a naive age and the 24 year old might have something quite unhealthy in the mind. When you heard that I can imagine you really were disgusted too. Something sick I imagine is going on in that woman's mind.She was actually suggesting your daughter disobey you. Thats not a good friend for either of you. I would go to the police and ask their advice.YOu may be able to take out a restraining order against her as that bit about well when you can, just go wander around might well bother the police too.good luck