What will happen tomorrow?

@sasuke96 (799)
June 29, 2010 11:51pm CST
This is the most common question in the galaxy. Please share your thought frinds.
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@megamatt (14327)
• United States
1 Jul 10
We will another day in that wonderful thing called life. Granted, it is hard to tell precisely what that day will entail. Will it have something good? Something bad? Or will it just be another day that we will forget shortly after it occurs? Still if nothing else, tomorrow has potential. It could be our best day ever, our worst day ever, or just a day. I think we could hardly begin to predict what happens tomorrow. I know for a fact that yesterday, I would not forget what happened today. Life is full of mysteries. However, that is the exact reason why life is in fact worth living. Trying to figure out what happens next. So in many ways, tomorrow is full of potential and opportunity. You really cannot go any further than that.
@much2say (40052)
• United States
30 Jun 10
Well, I know what I have planned - hee hee - does that count? Unless something unforeseeable happens, I believe I will follow through with my plans and that's what I think will be happening tomorrow. (When you have kids with schedules, you get in a routine, and you will know most likely what your day will look like!).
@dsplay5 (360)
• Bulgaria
30 Jun 10
What will happen tomorrow depends upon our actions.Because the most actions depend upon other actions. They are connected and what do you do now it will have a result and a reflection later. I think we creat our future, it's not written, said or destined by someone/something, even so, I've got some hesitations, and sometimes it seems me that, some things happen and what you try to do, I can't change it, it seems that there are some rules, which are followed, and even if you oppose in the end the result is the same. Furthermore, sometimes it seems me that if I oppose something, and I try it to change (not following my instinct and what seems good to be done) everything goes to wrong and wrong. I do not believe in the zodiac... Oh my Gosh, just listen to them.. "This star stays here, it's 51564541 milions kilometers from the other star .. so this means that tomorrow the people born between dat A and date B will havo to eat brocoli.." I just lough when I hear them. So this is for now, this is what I associate with "what will happen tomorrow" I hope someone will red it, in spite of its length. Have a nice day
@incus99 (1086)
• Philippines
30 Jun 10
the future is not for us to fore tell or know... but what we do today will greatly influence our tomorrow..