do you believe in sun signs?

June 30, 2010 5:34am CST
do u believe in sunsigns predictions?... many a times it got true but i think after reading it we tend to relate it with situations.. what u think about it?
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@andriyxu (11)
• China
6 Jul 10
It's hared to say. It depends your surrounding where u live, depends your family which give u the view as u were a child. As a Chinese , I don't exactly believe in it.
@_sketch_ (5709)
• United States
6 Jul 10
I believe in sunsigns, but I do not believe in the predictions or horoscopes, which is what I think you are talking about. Regarding sunsigns, I believe that there's a lot more to it than people realize. Sometimes people pick up traits from a surrounding sign and different life experiences also have an impact, though those are often accounted for. I mean, if certain signs have certain experiences in their life, they show tendency to react certain ways. Other variables also come into play such as numerology.
@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
4 Jul 10
Can we consider that "prophecy"? I don't believe in that. Sorry. I am a Christian and we only believe in the Bible which we consider the word of God. In the Bible, there are also prophecies written especially in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Those are the guides we follow.
@marizz (1)
30 Jun 10
for me its up to you
@mikeang (73)
• Singapore
30 Jun 10
Varsha I do not believe in the "predictions" put out by those who publish them ; usually in the newspapers. However I do believe in the "characteristics" of people in each sign. Having said that, the way I am a Pisces; and when growing up I tend to get some "direction" of what I am "suppose" to be like reading articles about my SIGN. Guess it was part of growing up. But what one does in youth follows into adulthood somewhat. Cheers.
@airakumar (1555)
• India
30 Jun 10
There's a lot more to your relationship than just Sun Signs. I don't believe in it but read whenever I see my sun sign..I am Aquarius and Traditional Aquarian Traits says I am friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal, Original and inventive, Independent and intellectual and On the dark side....Intractable and contrary, Perverse and unpredictable, Unemotional and detached..