Does yoghurt help you lose weight or does it make you fat?

@ddaguno (3110)
July 1, 2010 3:31am CST
I see in movies that when women like to lose weight they eat yoghurt so I bought a big can of yoghurt so me and my brother along with his wife can snack on it when we feel hungry. They refused to eat it saying yoghurt is a dairy product and will make them fat. So I'm sot really sure what it does.
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• Canada
8 Jul 10
It would be wrong to assume that all dairy products "make you fat". There are many low-fat and fat-free dairy products - not only yogurt but also cheese and milk. These are very nutritious and contain a lot of nutrients that we need to have in a healthy diet. Some yogurts will contain much more milk fat than others - some are more like a pudding or dessert than just yogurt - but people should pick the type that best suits their overall healthy eating objectives. To cut out dairy and its valuable calcium and vitamin D because of a belief that it's "fattening" would be detrimental to a balanced, healthy diet in my opinion.
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@oldchem1 (8144)
1 Jul 10
Just adding yoghurt to your diet won't result in a weight loss. But it is a good food ( so long as it is low fat) to add to a healthy eating plan when trying to lose weight and it is also very good for you"
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• India
11 Jul 10
Hello i don't think yoghurt can help in reducing weight, if one is really serious he should try yogic breathing exercises, eat less sugar and sweet foods.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor