Outside or inside

July 1, 2010 3:32am CST
Do you think that kids nowadays are not that involved in sports or other physical activities? That they are engrossed in tv or computer games than having fun outside. Do you think it will affect their personality, for the better or for the worse?
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
7 Jul 10
During the warmer months of the year my children spend as much if not more time doing physical activities than watching television and playing on the computer. And, even during the cold months of the year, I also try to keep them involved in physical activity. I think that them living a very physical lifestyle is teaching them lessons for their entire lives that they will be able to maintain more easily because I started teaching them these things early in their lives.
@de_toya (2434)
• Indonesia
5 Jul 10
I have a son. He is four years old now. He prefer to watch television rather than workout outside. Maybe, it is caused he don't have friend to play together. When I am back hoe from my workplace, I always play with him. Unfortunately, he always act as his idol in his favorite movie. He kick, hit and run like his idol. This make me worry. Movies has affected my son behavior deeply and I think it's worst for his mentality. He always imagine to be hero. I can't do anything to prevent this since I have limited time with my son. Next week, we will send him to kindergarten. I hope his behavior will change due to their activity in his new world.
@aguas_aj (501)
• Philippines
1 Jul 10
I think every child's behavior depends on their activities and people they socialize with. A lot of kids now a days stay more at home an play computer and other hi-tech games, leaving the chance to learn adn exercise tru outside games. But I believe that the parents or guardian should influence them more and encourage them to explore both kind of gaming activities. it would be goof that your child has a balance activities
@med889 (5958)
1 Jul 10
There are some disadvantages also as they are always inside the house and playing on the Internet whereas they also need some outdoor activities like climbing the mountain, playing with other friends instead of always chatting with friends online, they are missing the present sometimes which is around them.