Internet, transcendentalist and God

July 1, 2010 4:52am CST
Friends ,it is sometimes said that a transcendentalist should have no contact whatsoever with the material energy because if he does so he will be contaminated, that he must instead completely detach himself from the material world through the process of negating all material things. According to this view it would be completely wrong to have anything to do with the internet. Such a transcendentalist should totally cut off his contact with all material things and take up residence in a remote place such as a cave in the Himalayan Mountains. But this point of view fails to take into account the fact that everything in existence is the energy of the Almighty and is therefore meant to be utilized in His service. While there may some merit for one who is addicted to material sense gratification to disassociate from all material things, the highest form of renunciation is to utilize all material things in the Lord's service. If we find a missing wallet on the roadside, we can take the money out of it and spend it, we can leave the wallet lying there on the ground, or we can return it to its owner. Which is better? The material sense gratifier is like the person who takes the money and spends it on himself. The person who ignores the wallet is the like the transcendentalist who cuts off all contact with this material world. And the person who returns the wallet to its rightful owner is like the devotee who engages everything in service of Almighty. This is the highest form of renunciation. So the conclusion is the highest form of renunciation is to engage everything in service to the Almighty. If the internet can be used successfully to spread this consciousness movement all over the world, it would be completely wrong not to utilize it. What do you say, please share your thought and comment. Professor
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
2 Jul 10
hi professor I agree every God put here for a purpose for us to us and dto use wisely. I live with belief In God and I love my computer and my internet too and use it wisely . We are all God's children as far as I am concerned.
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• India
13 Jul 10
lol most of the time i am also glued to my computer and internet.. Thanks for response. Professor. .
• Philippines
1 Jul 10
Hello Professor, that is completely complicated for me. of course, it is the CHristian way of doing that every thing that you used or do is for the benefit of others and the will of god. unfortunately, it only happens when real bad things happen to that person and then that's the time they change. only in the pessimist state where people started to change. it's not easy though if one person doesn't have the passion or what his or her purpose in life.
• India
13 Jul 10
Thanks for sharing your views. Professor. .