What is life? Could you define it?

July 2, 2010 12:56am CST
I have read number of articles on the topic 'Life'. Some articles discuss on lighter part of life, some miseries of life, some also tell us their nasty or pleasant experiences of life. But, what exactly life is? When we are born, our fingers tightly clutches our palms rather we can say our tiny hands remain closed. But when we go, they remain opened. Probably, this tells us that when we take birth, we come with so many things-probably memories of our previous life or God's Blessings? They could be anything which we would never understand. And when we go after living this life, some times meeting natural death, sometimes un-natural, but when we go, our hands remain open, our palms, fingers opened and stretched. Is it because whatever we had earned, fames, infames, wealth, popularities everything, we leave in this physical world and fly away to our God probably to take another birth. So, what exactly life is? I could never understand and probably, I would never. In my Country, India, we had a 'joint family system' meaning all brothers used to live together with their wives and children. Parents and grand parents used to guide all members equally. Their responsiblities used to increase, when sons left the house for their jobs, away from them, leaving their wives and children under the care of their parents. They used to come whenevr they got leave for a brief stay with their wives, children and parents/grand parents. Slowly, situation started changing with the econimic-explosion and lust to earn more and more. It has become fashion now to leave parents immediately after marriage and go to some distant places to settle down with wife. Sons, generally, no longer care for their parents and visit them rarely. They are happy with their spouses. They never bother to know welfare of their parents and most of such parents ultimately land in a old-homes, which runs on charity. So, the parents who gave happy moments of their youth-life for up-bringing their children, remain uncared. This experience move like a cycle because the same sons would meet similar treatments from their sons. Why I am writing this which has no relevance when I am discussing on 'Life', I don't know. Probably, I felt very deeply when I came to know the situation of one of my very close friends. I woud make it a story form and would come back tomorrow to tell you the sad plight of an old and haggard person. This reminds me Shakespear version when he said 'It (Life) is a tale, told by an idiot (God), full of sound and fury, signifying nothing'!
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• India
4 Jul 10
I think Life is a chance to Learn. Learning from our mistakes and experiences. Its really sad to hear how parents are left uncared. But I have hope that soon these things are about to change. Life has been monetized and love has been materialized, that is the problem we face. Things sure will change when we all join hands. Cheers :-)
@Joshuael (109)
• China
3 Jul 10
Life is an endless journey from primitive existence to ultimate spirituality.Life means growing and improvement in spirit,and thus physical forms.By spirit growth,we can escape from pain in life.Be more painless,that is the aim of all lives.And the spirit growth in history is just creature's evolution. All experiences in life is lessons to improve our spirituality. To keep us happy,we should try to be independent in society.Save money or buy insurance for our elder time.We cannot depend on anyone else,even our children.Life is often out of our expection.So just lower our expection from others and depend on ourselves.
@Hatley (164468)
• Garden Grove, California
2 Jul 10
hi You know I met Shiv and his wife, both India Indians and came to learn a little of your culture. I so admired that older people like myself are noi sent off to old folks nursing homes but care for intheir children's homes. but no I do not agree with Shakespheare God is not an idiot and we all are somebodies, we fall in love and marry and raise families and we love life and we learn more as we mature.Life is an aventure on a long trip and we do not always know whats around the next bend but its mostly fun and we learn to survive the tough times which does strengthen us a lot. we do survive.
• United States
2 Jul 10
I feel so bad for your friend and the situation there, I wish the best. I am a believer of God and his word so I guess for me Life = God. Life is honoring God and his word. I have a friend, my best friend in fact, she is Buddist and she believes that life is "Budda is a way of life" meaning through positive thinking and vibes a person can achieve most anything and live a happy life. I am not buddist but I do believe to be true in a sense positive think.