Percy Jackson and the Olympians

July 2, 2010 9:18am CST
I've been reading this book series since they shown the movie. I am now in the last book and so far I've enjoyed all of the books. I'm now including Rick Riordan as one of my favorite authors. I don't want to compare the book with the movie but its hard to overlook since the difference is too big. I don't know how will they do the sequel if ever they will make one. Have you read this series? If not what other fantasy books that you can recommend?
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4 Jul 10
I read the Percy Jackson series earlier this year and really enjoyed it. I am now just starting to read the first book in his new series. I agree that the movie and book are totally different and the second movie is going to be kind of awkward if they make it. It just will not work out the same when they did not introduce Percy's main rival at the camp.
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2 Jul 10
I love the Percy Jackson series! I was okay with the movie, but I would have preferred an adaptation that was much more loyal to the book. If they make a second movie, which I kind of doubt they will since the first one wasn't received very well, I hope that they decide to stick to the book. I recently read a new book by Rick Riordan called "The Red Pyramid". It's an urban fantasy that focuses on Egyptian Mythology. It's kind of like Percy Jackson, but it's also very different. I really enjoyed that one too!