What Colour do i use

July 2, 2010 3:14pm CST
Hi to everyone... i am stuck.. i have a black leather sofa and my walls are white.. i am stuck on what colour curtains to choose.. i think if i put up black ones it will look to dark.. anyone have any ideas on another colour i could use.. i thought about cream.. but with the walls being white.. it might look strange with the black sofa HELP lol xxx
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2 Jul 10
In your place I will use red curtain that will looks really nicely. you just buy some red things too home that will be match with curtain. For example some vase or clock in red colour. So what are you think about this idea? I hope you will be like my idea.
@owlwings (39888)
• Cambridge, England
2 Jul 10
Almost any colour ... red, green, blue or even yellow ... will look good with black and white. Avoid pastel shades, however. Black and white demand a strong colour to contrast.