Have you lost the love of your life?

July 2, 2010 4:37pm CST
The reason I ask this is because the one person who I truly ever had feelings for I may never see them again. We worked together for 4 years, all that time I never grew the courage to tell him, now I regret it. He moved across the country for a higher pay job, and I know it is unlikely I will ever see him again. I am really devestated, I am pushing myself so hard to try and move on, but I can't get him out of my head. All these mixed emotions are driving me mad, I am so angry with myself for not doing anything about it, I am hurt that he left me and never even knew about my feelings for him. I just want advice from someone in the same position, how do you deal with this hurt that is eating you up inside. Seriously I can't imagine myself ever feeling this way for another person ever. Is there ever going to be a happy ending:(
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@aquariand (466)
2 Jul 10
When I was younger I met the love of my life and we spent a while together unfortunately life is never straight forward and we were seperated. I have a new life now and a family but on valentines day 14th of Feb this year the love of my life passed away and I am struggling to deal with it. life can be so cruel sometimes yet we just have to soldier on. they say time heals all hurts but i don't know with this pain. I hope things get better for you and i i hope you find him again to tell him how you feel.
2 Jul 10
:(I am truly sorry for your loss, I don't know what I would do if I were in your situation, life really can be cruel at times. I hope you find the strength to cope, reading this really did make me determined to find him. I guess what they say is true though, It is best to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.
3 Jul 10
It is a ture saying i have many good memories of him.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
14 Dec 10
Well i believe in soulmates, when i met my love and married him in my life. We are xerox of each other in all our thoughts and actions. I experience falling in love again and again each day!
• Malaysia
31 Jul 10
Worst situations led us to worst feelings, thoughts and even actions. But graces from above are real that also make us discover that life is so wide that the world we are in is only a part of the whole. It also help us realize that there is hope in life and we have to positive in everything we encounter. Everyone deals with it. You really need to think about there IS other people on this world. And they are waiting for you and you will find them in the future.
@bird123 (10501)
• United States
12 Jul 10
So he moved across the country, go across the country to pay him a visit. TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL!!! No more excuses. DO IT NOW!!!!!
• Philippines
10 Jul 10
Well, i fell in love once with a woman way older than me. I knew (well it's too obvious) from the start that it wasn't meant to be cuz first off, she was married for two years and second, it would be so odd for my friends and family to see me go out with a much older woman and third, she was my english teacher back in highschool. So i just kept it in. I let her know how i felt one day when i sent her an e-mail. I thought it'd be a waste not telling her how i actually felt.