Men keep secret from women

July 3, 2010 1:12pm CST
Men,women are most of the time getting very close.In my opinion many woman does't have big secret. their secrets maybe money. but men's have lots of secrets..did you noticed that?
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5 Jul 10
We're all unique not just different to start with. Men and women do have differences apart from physical,personality and attitude.Leveling and resizing the effect of men and women of keeping secrets.But I guess men has the higher secret than women...
• Romania
5 Jul 10
i don't really understant what do you want to say but i will answer your question men do keep secrets from women cause are some things that a women doesen't need to know
@dfhonline (130)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
Everybody has a secret. I know that my husband would rather keep the details of his past relationship a secret, but I know thats out of respect for me. But aside from that, I dont think he's keeping any huge secret from me. Well if you think that your man is keeping a secret, you should get him drunk, he'll be spilling every detail of his most kept secrets to you. ;)
• Portugal
4 Jul 10
i think both are the same but women are better in hiding secrets than men. men secrets are more easy to find out than women. but i dont know men are not all the same it depends of the men and also depends of the women. anyway i dont think we should keep secrets. everyone has their mistakes so we shouldnt hide it bcs noone had the right to judge bcs noone is perfect. also in something i agree with you bcs people say men cheat or lie more than women bcs they are easier caught in lies but women and men are same nowadays
@angeldev (172)
• Romania
3 Jul 10
You dont have how to know if your husbend keeps secret from you because if you do then it would be a secret any more. And womens dont keep secrets thats what you want to say? And what secrets do men keep and womens dont? If the women we are referring to is not to close to the men ( even if its his wife ) then of course he doesnt trust her or maybe he loves her to much and he want her to be protected from any harm that the truth might bring to her.
@phyrre (2324)
• United States
3 Jul 10
I think it really depends what man you're talking about. My husband doesn't really keep any secrets from me, and even if he tried I know him well enough that I can tell when he's hiding something. Likewise, I don't really keep any secrets from him. Every once in a while, like you said, I pretend like we're in a better financial situation than we really are in order to protect him until things smooth out a little bit, but, to me, that's not really a big secret to keep from him since he really doesn't need to be worried about such things. :)