Favorite scene in Titanic

July 4, 2010 1:49pm CST
I love to watch Titanic since i'm Teen. Every time i'm watching titanic. i love all the scene. and most of the scenes are my fav...especially .My most favorite scene is Rose and Jack are running boiler room at the time the back round music is so cool.I love that scene very much. what's your fav?
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Aug 10
hi jothimani I loved the movie and would love to see it over again. My favorite scene of many favorites was Rose and Jack on the prow on the boat when he shows her how to spread her arms wide. it was the start of their romance and so beautifully acted. the whole thing was really just on great scene after another.
@lulu1220 (1010)
• United States
9 Aug 10
This was a great movie and I saw it twice in the theater when it came out. I think the most memorable scene is the one at the end when she is an old woman and asleep in her bed and about to die in her sleep. There is the amazing score in the background and the camera pans over all of the old photographs of her life. I especially like the one where she is on a horse on the beach since Jack and her talked about doing this once. She lived a long and happy life despite losing him.
• India
13 Jul 10
i like this movie for ever and the most beautiful scene in this cinema for me is that when both rose and jack stand in the front of ship. And rose hair is flew in the air and also the first appearance of rose in this film.
• Bulgaria
8 Jul 10
When the ship fall down, and the violinist continues to play
• Portugal
4 Jul 10
i like so many ones^^ i like that scene when rose doesnt want to go with her mum and goes with jack^^ thats so sweet she left her mum and chose to stay with jack in the boat so when she left would be with him^^ also is funny when he is drawing her and she is naked ahah i love this movie and watched it many times already. no matter what titanic will always be one of the best movies ever^^