What do you think about this search engine called "scour"?

July 4, 2010 9:25pm CST
I have recently joined this site.Its a social search engine and I have heard one can earn money from this site by searching,commenting and voting.I have read a lot of good reviews about this site over the internet.Now,for those of you who has any experience with this site,pleaze let me know if it is a good site?and is it possible to earn money with this site?
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@maezee (32260)
• United States
5 Jul 10
I've heard of 'Scour' but I don't know anyone who has legitly been paid by them. So I couldn't tell you if they are legit or not. The only sad part is that with almost any (and every) SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE THAT "pays", you get paid VERY little. I was active and constantly on Yuwie for about 4 months and I made 4 cents. Not worth my time, and maybe yours. But you might as well try it out and let us know how it goes!
• India
5 Jul 10
Hey Maezee,thanks for your reply.Lets see if it site works.And about paid social networking sites,most of them pays very little,they do this to attract members to their site,but I think peoplestring is better than sites like yuwie..
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
24 Aug 10
I have recently joined too. I think this is a good program. I have not been able to put much time to it yet with my full time job taking most of the hours each day. Now that you have remenided me, I will get back to the program and continue working on it. Thank you.