Motion Allergy??

@besthope44 (12145)
July 4, 2010 10:03pm CST
Hi, I wonder whats the problem. My cousin 29 years old. He can drive his car well without any problem. But when he travels in others car, he gets the vomitting sensation. Say for more than 20mts, he gets the sensation and gets vomit. He dont have problem in Flight,bus or in his own drive. Why is this? quite strange??
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@_sketch_ (5709)
• United States
6 Jul 10
That is actually quite common. Sometimes I get motion sickness when I am in the back seat of a car or on a roller coaster. I suggest Dramamine.
• India
10 Jul 10
oh ur cousin has a weird problem
@lampar (7597)
• United States
21 Jul 10
He must be at the center of control - the wheel in order to feel good. As a passenger, one usually receive less than perfect position in a car compare to the driver, let say more sudden vibration and violent shake down during a turn, that probably make him feel like vomiting, i experience the same in my early year of driving too, it is alright when i am a driver but not as a passenger especially ithe driver is a lousy one. Over time, after i began get use to it, then only i get over the sensation.
@neildc (17253)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
12 Jul 10
personally i never experience this kind of problem. i drive and i also travel with others behind the wheel and i have no problems. i know some people who experience motion sickness when riding a passenger vehicle but they are ok with private cars. i don't have an idea why this is happening to some people and so as to your cousin.
@JJ4Ever (4696)
• United States
5 Jul 10
I can understand that people may get motion sickness for instance on boats, in planes, or trains even. I've also heard of people having motion sickness in cars when they're riding (not driving) and reading a book at the same time. This has happened to me a couple times, although I've never actually been sick literally...I've only felt ill. However, my sister-in-law feels sick on trips that are more than 30 minutes if she's not the one driving. She starts to feel cramped and not in control. I think perhaps it might be that she's not in control of the vehicle or even that actually driving the car, which doesn't make her sick, keeps her mind off of feeling sick. To give you an example, my brother and sister-in-law drive about an hour to work each day (one way). They get to carpool most days, so that's really nice for them. On days they drive together, she will drive most of the time for this very reason - that she'll get sick if she's in the passenger seat for that long. I guess I can understand where she's coming from although I enjoy riding in the car on long trips since I can sleep or do whatever. My husband does most if not all the driving on long trips and doesn't mind it since he drives for a living. I'm not sure that this sickness in the car as a passenger is an actually allergy, but perhaps you could do some research online regarding the issue. Take care!
@incus99 (1086)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
that's a weird form of motion sickness... its a car-specific motion sickness...