The referee of World Cup continue to make mistake, even if in semi-final

@kevinll (967)
July 7, 2010 1:16am CST
The referees alwasys can make us know them. They can 'control' the match. It is the big impression in 2010 World Cup. Here we are for the routine postgame exercise of this World Cup: what did the officials blow this time? We saw one “offside interference” correctly called in Paraguay – Spain, but this time, it ultimately may have cost Uruguay a spot on the final. Why still can we see the mistake on semi-final and affect the result of match. It’s really unfortunate that after four years we’ve been left with. We don't want more 'if', just want to watch more wonderful real match.
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• Romania
8 Jul 10
The referees will always do mistakes, but I think at this World Cup some of them influenced the final result. I can't understand why FIFA brings all the unknown referees instead of the well-known ones.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
7 Jul 10
Yes, Van Persie did look off side for the second dutch goal, but the ball came off the defender, so I guess the offside rule might not have counted, but still it was a contentious decision. Also, at the end the referee was making a mockery of the added on time. First it looked like he had called off the match and then he waves a yellow card and then plays on for another minute or so!! Cheers! Ram
• Bulgaria
7 Jul 10
I will remember this tournament not for the so good football (which I saw in two or three matches) but for the tons of wrong referee calls. I don't know if those were just mistakes or something else but those decisions ruined the tournament for a lot of teams.
7 Jul 10
I think that the off side you are refering to was a very close call. The tv coverage showed the incident from a number of angles and the comentators were still undecided so i would not blame the officials.
@rolento (227)
• Spain
7 Jul 10
but this time it was not the referee fault, if you watch the replay you'll see that if the player is on offside( i think he were on line with the defender) imagine the assistant, that he doesn't have cameras, and 437463242362 replays for all the different posible angles. 1 thing is that the referee see how a player scores with the hand and doesn't says nothing ( luis fabiano, brasil vs costa marfil) or doesn't indicate a clamorous penalty ( spain vs paraguay, the keeper makes a penalty that also was a red card for the keeper) and another is that he doesn't indicate a very very very adjustated offside