Soccer & Paul "the octo-fortune teller", superstition

July 7, 2010 3:48am CST
Netherlands now is taking deep breathe and do practice for big match on final in world cup, while 2 other team is in heart beating event. While the Germany team in top confidence, unlikely 1 "citizen" of Germany namely Paul, an octopus which he (is paul a male?) almost 100% correct on his prediction. Now he choose Spain rather then Germany as the winner, he choose and sat on spain chair in his tank and some people believed in his prophecies. What about you guys, do you believed that this creature have a future vision with precise accuracy? Tell me your opinion :) cheers...
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• Philippines
10 Jul 10
Paul the Octopus has been accurate with his picks. As far as I know, this creature is 80-90% accurate. IN this world cup, Paul is impressive with the selection of his picks.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
7 Jul 10
I have great respect for the psychic octopus especially after it beat my predictions!! I do hope it is right this time as I am supporting Spain in this match as they are one of the three teams that I had picked to win this world cup before the tournament began. Cheers! Ram
7 Jul 10
I am sure that the Germany players were disappointed when he chose Spain. I wonder if he can chose lottery numbers :)
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
7 Jul 10
Haha! I'd prefer to see Holland VS Germany. That's a bigger clash than VS Spain. Please make another discussion when Paul released his prediction for the final. I bet he'll choose Holland. :D