wat wud u do f ur old boss try evrythng just 2 pull u out fr ur new found job?

July 7, 2010 10:03am CST
earlier, i posted a discusion about my old boss who does not like seeing me working to another department near to his department. i left his department with due process... in spite of saying he cannot afford losing me when i met him personally for my final goodbye, i just smile at him and headed down...after a week, i found a new job, a better one...now he is trying his best to pull me out from my new job.. he called me by phone and said i must be kicked-out from the job site... what should i do?
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@Hatley (164394)
• Garden Grove, California
7 Jul 10
Kumar friend please do not text here okay. wow that ex boss is sure 'being a pest. How can he kick you out of your new job, that makes not sense at all. I think he is just trying to bluff you into coming back to him and I would not give him the privelege of seeing you come crawling back to him. I think you should do nothing at all but just keep doing your very best on the job and forget the exboss.Don't let him call your bluff, just ignore him.
• Spain
8 Jul 10
i knew i should have been phrased this one but i want to give the whole title as a complete sentence. sory though. he can make everything here.. there is no imposible... i am just so thankful with my new boss because he is supporting me...