How to make money online

July 9, 2010 2:12am CST
For me internet is more than entertainment.Four years ago when i joined mylot,i am not aware of making money through net.I got my first online payment from mylot.After that by meeting different mylot members,i came to know about different money making methods.There are many genuine and legitimate opportunities to make money online.Now i am earning an average of 70 dollars per month from the net.Paid to click and survey sites are my favourite money making areas.Online money making in the beginning is not so easy.There will be always a doubt in the mind of the people that weather they will be get paid or not.If we get any first payment,it will create lot of confidence.Then we can proceed.Day by day we can gain new experiences and information.For beginners PTC and survey sites are best way to make money.For that select 10 good ptc sites,which are running on the internet for more than one or two years.There are some sites which are paying people for more than five years.Then bruit a strong referrals under you.More referrals means more income.I am concentrating on only 15 sites and i am getting payment from all those sites.In my profile you can get information about those sites.if you have any doubt send a private message.
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• United States
9 Jul 10
I am sticking with many of the older sites, but I also have found ways to make things work for me, I have it in my blog, how I even make cash when I am offline. I know its not a million dollars, but when you figure its cash that adds up over a few days or even months. That really helps out so that way I can help hubby more with paying the bills. Many of us can easily make $70 or more a month if we learn the best ways to work things, and put a bit of effort into it. The #1 thing though is that it takes time to work our way up there, it wont happen over night.
@smiley83 (1535)
• Malaysia
18 Jul 10
which sites that you are sticking to? It seems not that easy to get a good payment! I mean i'm very much struggling till nw unfortunately though