Finger prints. Where are yours?

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@Memnon (2173)
July 9, 2010 3:54pm CST
I deliver a local free paper. As I was doing so, it occurred to me that my finger prints are all over the neighbourhood. Would I be considered if a crime were committed? My prints are on the following.. Where I work Many local bus stops and railway premises A large number of local shops The gates and letter boxes of nearly 500 homes locally What about yours- or is this something that you have never considered?
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@boboypete (209)
• Manila, Philippines
10 Jul 10
Don't worry, as long as you are innocent of the crime, the cups would not put you in jail though your finger prints are visible in the newspaper located in the crime scene. It's your worry if you are involved in the crime and of course you have to be punished by the law of the land. You have no any criminal instinct I know, so you must be happy no matter what kind of work you deal with as long as you are legitimately obeying what you think is right for the yourself, then rejoice for that effect because you are safely and soundly living a good life.
@Memnon (2173)
10 Jul 10
A very good point. My other occupation is as a security officer, so I do of course understand the workings of a shop lifter's mind- although I no longer work in that environment. My partner was truly astonished when she discovered what antics these people get up to in full view of the shopping public!
@ellie333 (21029)
9 Jul 10
Hi Memnon, It is not something that I had considered but yes I guess your prints are everywhere, mainly on the nespapers though so I don't think too many burglars would stop to read a paper at their crime scene lol. Huggles. Ellie :D