do you love to smoke or don't

@sarath49 (762)
July 9, 2010 8:59pm CST
smoking is injurious to health that every branded company shows in their brand packet to create awareness, but still may people love to smote nd fill their lung will tartars, a harmful chemical that ill block heir lung and slow own the intake of oxygen. some people do smoke 2-3 packets o cigarettes in a day. so do ou love to some or you are aware about your health
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@satz0249 (125)
• India
10 Jul 10
I dont smoke much.. i smoke only once in a month or once in two months .depending on the cool cilmate .it feels googd when the climate is cool
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
10 Jul 10
That's why I am wondering why a lot of people smoke when they know for the fact that it is dangerous to their health. If you think about it, the logic is stupid. I dont smoke and I never will smoke. How could I take something harmful for my body and harmful for others too. And another thing, smoking is like burning money.
• India
10 Jul 10
I dont smoke,it is very dangerous to our health and it is more dangerous than drinking.I dont like both drinking and smoking,but i tried it once in my life when i was studying in college.I find nothing special in that ,so i decided not to take it in my whole life.Both smoking and drinking is injurious to health and it is better to keep away from this bad habit.With out banning such products,it is very difficult to keep people away from this bad habit.There is limitation in a waring the people about the hazards that caused by this had habit.Self determination is the best method to keep away from this.
@iwinagain (546)
10 Jul 10
I don't smoke because I don't like the smell of it and it makes your teeth yellow. It's also bad for your lungs. Secondhand smoking is even worse.
@hushi22 (4940)
10 Jul 10
i hate smoking so much. i usually get ill whenever i sit next to someone smoking.