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pather panchali - pather panchali is great film directed by indian director Satyajitray.
July 10, 2010 9:48am CST
Hi friends, I am discussing about the famous Indian film director SATYAJIT RAY. I watched his film PATHER PANCHALI many times(above 100times). He is a great director. That is a great film. He is focusing on each and every element. Great photography. You can know more details about a great legend and his film visit:
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@Hatley (164524)
• Garden Grove, California
10 Jul 10
hi rameshchow hi Although I have not seen this film the literature does make it sound like a very beautiful story and that it is done very well. I noticed it had a Cannes award too of some sort. I am here in the U nited States so seldom get to see a foreign film but this one sounds like one that I would enjoy watching. I also 'noticed it played in the U S for a long time too. I loved reading about how he slowed down the pace as he felt that the story needed that. I know great composers of classical music have composed some of their most beautiful compositions by really slowing down the tempo of the piece and thus emphasizing the melody making it hauntingly beautiful.
• Spain
10 Jul 10
Don't you think that 100 times is a little to much