Anyone ever made peppermint essential oil

@venshida (4837)
United States
July 10, 2010 6:33pm CST
I made the mistake of planting mint two years ago, and it has taken over my flower bed. I use it to make tea, and I give it to my friends. I was searching online for other uses, and came across several how to make peppermint essentials oil. I am thinking about trying one, and I was wondering if anyone ever made this oil before.
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@irishidid (8714)
• United States
20 Jul 10
Make mint extract. Vodka is best. Stuff a bottle full of mint and fill it with Vodka. This is from To make mint extract, obtain a pound or so of fresh spearmint or peppermint leaves (harvest them at noon time on a sunny day), wash them well and crush/bruise the leaves. Add these to a quart sized canning jar of vodka and place in the sun. Using a piece of well-washed, new cheese cloth, strain (and discard) the leaves from the infusion after three to four weeks.
@venshida (4837)
• United States
24 Jul 10
Interesting Vodka, I don't have any but I will get some and try it.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
10 Jul 10
i have never made it but it does sound really interesting! my sister in law has a bunch of chocolate mint plants that she is trying to get rid of!
@venshida (4837)
• United States
11 Jul 10
I have never heard of chocolate mint. I can understand why your sister in law is trying to get rid of it. I love mint tea, but the next time I plant a mint bush. I will plant it in a container.