can you be fired by text?

United States
July 12, 2010 11:30am CST
yes, in the state of indiana (free will) state. they can fire you for not liking how you look, nice huh? but do you think an hourly employee getting texted by boss over and over again while burying your grandfather (funeral). then again while out of state on vacation? and when you can't respond on your own phone mind you. can he text you-"your fired-don't come back in my building?" is legal?? its not cool, but is it legal??
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@owlwings (39596)
• Cambridge, England
12 Jul 10
The laws governing temporary employment are different from those governing permanent employment. Someone who is on an hourly rate is usually regarded as being on a temporary contract rather than a permanent contract. Your description lacks a lot of detail but it does suggest that there was never a proper contract and that the employer had reasons for being dissatisfied with the employee's performance other than the temporary absence or, perhaps, that proper leave of absence was not given.
• United States
12 Jul 10
yes, hourly employee for 3 years. actually held 3 positions at company. full time driver, full time maintenance, part time cook. on call 24/7 even though this was never discussed previous to employment. had 2 weeks vacation coming had to use it or lose it. gave 30 days notice for vacation. all the employess at this company think he has lost his mind. this employee was beyond valuable-actually got employee of the month 2 months previous to termination and a raise the month before. although this employee was female and made only 10.00/hr. her counterpart that was never there and on medical leave 6 months of the year was making close to 20.00/hr. does this help?