I'm not healthy

July 12, 2010 2:27pm CST
oh my gosh... i feel unhealthy because im alway tired and sleepless almost 3 months ago my sleep hours is only 6 hours... i sleep early morning. i think it is so bad to my health. i'll annoyed on my self because im so busy on this computer. i dont know what to do.
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• India
12 Aug 10
u want good health. night work 2.30 o clock stop for u go to sleep. morning 8 o clack get up u maintain exercise. u eat fruit juice & vegetables fry eat, drinking watter defiantly u body good health maintain.
@tweetbird (161)
• United States
28 Jul 10
You could be suffering from depression. Plus it sounds like you have internet addiction. You need your sleep but you also need regular exercise to maintain your physical health. Take breaks, go outside, go for a walk, do something different, use eye drops frequently if you're not allergic and make sure that the hours you spend on the computer are providing some form of benefit and not becoming an endless waste of time. Sleeping 6 hours is OK if your used to it. That's about what I get every night. Anything in excess is bound to cause damage somewhere along the way. Take care of your health and find out why you're spending so much time online. A lot of times it's an escape from something else you're battling with.
@clouds0327 (1390)
• Philippines
28 Jul 10
I know where your coming from. I also feel the same way.. I am so tired at work, I work online plus is currently looking for online job for extra money.. I sleep less than 6 hours sometimes I only have 3 hours sleep... I really should manage my time.
13 Jul 10
U need a break. U should know when to stop. If U keep letting U're self get in front of computer without control it would be a bd habbit and make U're condition get worse. At least U hv to try giving a time limit to your job in front of the computer. Or other, U can stop U're activities,take a break for a while, and then U can get back to U're computer it will make U a feel better... It usually works for me... Good luck!
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
13 Jul 10
i will feel so happy if i can sleep for 6 hours everyday as now i sleep less than that.time management is important.manage your time properly so you don't have to get through all this. have a nice day!
@peavey (16866)
• United States
12 Jul 10
It sounds like you need a serious break. Why not take a weekend off at least? Relax, try to remember what you used to do to enjoy life. Push thoughts of the internet out of your mind for a couple of days until you can relax enough to get a good night's sleep.