do you get response to all of your post

@sarath49 (762)
July 12, 2010 7:32pm CST
did you got response to all the post that you posted here at mylot, or you did not get any response for some. actully to get more post do we have to get best tag so that people find it easily, my best post uptil now my max respose of 22 users, what is your stats about your on your post, do you get this kind of response too often
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
13 Jul 10
Hi sarath, I haven't started any new discussion for quite a long time. Might be all of them are old discussions therefore all of them having their respective responses. I have tags for all of them. I think the ones with less responses might be the contents are quite boring to them I wonder whether I could get more responses or not in case I start one new discussion Anyway I yet not have any mood to write a new topic. I'm worried that I don't have sufficient time to add comment in the responses received. Happy posting and have a nice day
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
13 Jul 10
I get to respond to all of them because I spend the next day responding to people's comments when they comment on my posts. I make sure I get to respond to all of them but of course, I am only human and wont be able to do that sometimes. But I am just trying.
@marguicha (101988)
• Chile
13 Jul 10
Igot few resaponses when I started but now most of my posts get several responses. In part it´s because you make friends here and your post is notified at your friend´s mail. I don´t respond to all of my friends posts, but I respond much more to the posts they make than to posts in general. Tags helpt too. When I search for a subject, I read about other posts online. I don´t anser posts that were written 4 years ago though. Happy posting and luck!
@Memnon (2173)
13 Jul 10
I've not been here long enough to rack up any statistics worth talking about. So far all my post has had a response.
@zralte (4186)
• India
13 Jul 10
I don't really know the stats of my discussions, but I think there has been no discussion of mine that has no response, yet. Tagging is important, but not number one. Choosing the interest under which you post a discussion is one of the main factor in my opinion. Discussion posted under myLot interest rarely go unanswered and same goes for Make Extra Money. And well, the quality of your discussion....not so much quality, but it needs to be interesting.