myLot T-shirt

@ET28LV (1898)
July 13, 2010 1:40pm CST
Hello! I hope all enjoy this sunny day like me and fell good. The idea occurred to me when I first time saw on eBay t-shirt with ebay logo and I like It. I just wonder It would be nice If myLot too create a t-shirt with myLot logo and If this project success. After time myLot can make logo to other type of clothes like socks, caps, sweaters etc. I think It would be nice to see other people in some country with myLot t-shirt. If myLot team do not realize this project with own forces maybe there is some company who can do It of course If myLot team be willing. I know this is crazy idea, but It would be nice If It be realized. Have a nice day to all!