some think i got ice instead of blod

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July 15, 2010 7:50am CST
with dealing with different stuff for awhile, like with my son and other people. i've told my wife and some friends, if i have something wrong with me i dont want my son to know, and if i need to be in the hostpilo i dont want him there. and i talked about how i can just cut ties with pretty much anyone. i even cut ties with my dad for awhile a few years ago one of my friends who broke up with her b/f i told her she need to say ok screw him and cut all ties, she was like its hard. and my daughter even told me i make it sound easier then it is. everyone always ask me if i have ice in vains and not blood. they all seem not to understand how i can just cut ties with just anyone. i even told my best friend "look if you dont want to talk to me anymore for something really dumb i would be ok screw it" but yes it would upset me with some people just a few but i wouldnt let it make me depress or i would go chasing anyone for sure. and like my nephew g/f who's just nasty as can be. my in laws was telling us her mom isnt doing good. i was like i dont care at all so no one will tell me. am i the only person like this toward people who either upset or dis you ?
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15 Jul 10
If you are asking, 'Am I the only person who can stop being with friends so easily' then no you are not. It depends on how idiotic they are in your opinion. I would just find someone like me and be friends with them. You shouldn't cut all the ties you have, though. It isn't healthy.