finding a way

July 16, 2010 1:15pm CST
these are my dreams,finding a way to help other people including my family, i know i can, working hard for it.......
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@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
17 Jul 10
That reminds me of some people I know. There is a saying: "We follow our heart wherever it leads us." For instance, a young man was fascinated with electronics and dreams to do a lot of difficult things in that field. His family and friends regarded him as an ordinary guy and he was. What made him different was that besides the desire to help his family, he work very hard with extra tasks on electronics to sharpen his skills even in his free time - when school chores in electronics were done. Decades later he retired early after traveling to many countries as an electronics specialist. It seems the key is to have a passion for what someone feels is what God has intended for him or her. When we have a passion for what we do, we do not find material return as primary - rather a consequence of excellence in our field - be it employment, business etc. What do you think?
• Philippines
17 Jul 10
as of now i started to build busness that might help people,people who are likely interested too helping themselves like i want to..........
@marguicha (104274)
• Chile
23 Aug 10
Welcome to mtlot, Jennifer, I hope that your dreams come true. If you work hard, they usually do. Waht kind of help do you want to give? What are your plans? Do tell us. If you are seeking some online earnings, mylot is a good place to start as long as you firt read the rules. Take care and happy posting!
@mspitot (3833)
• Philippines
18 Jul 10
That's so nice of you. That is also my dream, to help others especially those who are in need. I want to have students who can't afford to go to school to send them there so they can achieve their dreams someday.