A recently diagnosed arthritic needs advice and recipes for bland cooking!!

@majosh (15)
South Africa
July 19, 2010 8:38am CST
It's so sad: As far as I know, I`m not allowed red meat, tomatoe, vinegar, chilli, salt, sugar, no white bread or rice, no potatoes, no red wine (my favourite!), no beer, no oil, no butter, no margarine......no coffee, no milk (soya only)...hmmm. what have I left out?..oh ...no LIFE!!!!! Whats a girl to do? I'm seriously upset about this because I am only 47, but I come down with the most gawd-awful aches and pains and I might slit my wrists if I have to live like this for the next 40 years! Anybody got someuseful information please? Maybe some nice recipes? I would really appreciate it. Without good food and wine..life sucks :(
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@2004cqui (2823)
• United States
19 Jul 10
Just thank the Almighty that you haven't been diagnosed with more conditions! I'm 53 and have just been diagnosed Diabetic and with High Blood Pressure. My list basically mirrors yours. Food in the grocery stores specifically designed for our conditions is (HOW MUCH?) Medications, doctors appointments, time and transportation all cost us so much ya really wonder if your going to follow all this. I feel your pain! Please keep us informed! I will too.
@majosh (15)
• South Africa
20 Jul 10
I am sorry for your recent diagnosis. Diabetes is a dreadful desease, and I know if I don't change my diet right now, I am headed that way too. I thank the Almighty that my body warned me soon enough and I can do something about my bad eating habits. Please visit the naturaltreatmentsite dot com. It basically promotes easy, healthy cleansing of your system and you will learn some really interesting old remedies. Do give it a try! I wish you well and thanks for your response!