Hosting and Domain

July 22, 2010 12:18am CST
When you want to have a website that is not free, of course, you must subscribe to both hosting and domain. How the process, Could anyone explain to me, thanks?
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@livewyre (2455)
24 Jul 10
You need to do two things, in many cases you can combine the two as this is simpler - but note that if you intend to have several websites, treating domain registration and hosting as separate entities may make things cheaper... I wrote an article about the services that I use here: First you have to register your domain - you check out the available domains and then 'buy' the right to use that domain for a year or more, or you can buy an existing domain that is for sale, but this is likely to be expensive... Next you find a hosting service that offers you the facilities that you want such as PHP support, databases, sitebuilder software etc... Often the domain registrar will offer an email service for your domain, and all you need to do then is 'point' the www part of your domain (A records) at your new hosting service - they will tell you how to do this. Often the email (MX records) remain with your domain registrar who may provide free or cheap email support, otherwise you can move the MX records to your host service and have them look after the email too... Note that those that offer the best host services are not always the cheapest domain registrars, those that register your domain may not offer the best hosting package...
@pkarun (3)
• India
22 Jul 10
First you need to buy Hosting account+Domain to run a website. After having this two things with you can start your own website. If you need any more help feel free to contact me. Regards, P.K.ARUN