Why myLot Is No Fun (For Me)

United States
July 22, 2010 7:28pm CST
I rarely visit, much less post, in myLot anymore, because it is a royal PITA for me. I will compose a post or reply, hit preview, get an error page, hit back or reload, and get the old pop-up about the C&P thing (being sub-500) and have to start all over. Doing that a couple of times and I bail. Hardly worth the time and frustration. Been a member for about 7 months and haven't even hit the halfway mark on pay-out yet. I also noticed while using Opera (my default browser), I get a pop-up while only on myLot about a browser update available. What the...??? I have the latest browser version. Any other Opera users see this? I give up. This may or may not post. It's a hit or miss deal (mostly misses). I realize my connection has a lot to do with it, but wondered if there are other browsers that are 'myLot-friendlier'?
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
23 Jul 10
I am an Opera user and I do see the pop-up when I use an older version.
• United States
23 Jul 10
Dammit! This is my 3rd try to post this comment! I DO have the latest version. Just now got the pop-up again and I am using Opera 10.60! (The heck with Preview, let me try by just hitting Post.)
@indahfth (11172)
• Indonesia
18 Oct 10
I never have problems like you. Any browser I use, I have never encountered a problem. Your problem could be on your connections are bad.
• Philippines
23 Jul 10
use mozilla.
@lacieice (2065)
• United States
23 Jul 10
Internet Explorer does well. It's what I use and I have no problems.
• China
23 Jul 10
what a pity! I wish you will stay in mylot and have fun with friends here. I think friends here is more important than what you said in your discussion. have fun. friend.