Trinidad And Tobago
July 25, 2010 3:52pm CST
Can an Amazon giftcard be cashed in for money and if so how can it be cashed in?
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• United States
26 Jul 10
i dont think that it is possible to cash in a gift card for money.. i think your only option is to use it or maybe sell it to a friend of yours or something but im not too sure..
@owlwings (39617)
• Cambridge, England
25 Jul 10
Amazon gift vouchers can't be exchanged for money. There are two things you could do. 1) Provided that you haven't applied it to your Amazon account, you can offer it on eBay or somewhere similar. You would probably expect to sell it for something like 75% of its face value ... probably no more than that. 2) If you have an Amazon account (and the gift voucher can be applied to it - US gift vouchers can't be applied to, for example, UK or Canadian accounts), you can offer to buy something for someone else to the value of the voucher (or thereabouts) on receipt of a suitable payment in currency which is acceptable to you. Both of these entail some risks and you would need to make sure, in some way, that your payment was received before releasing the code or making the purchase. Your customers would, of course, want to see similar securities in place!