Do you like answering magazine quizzes?

July 27, 2010 12:45am CST
Most magazines have quizzes in them and I like answering them for the heck of it. The results are often debatable but I find the situations given rather intellectually and emotionally stimulating. Oftentimes, I wonder how my thought out reaction often differs from my instinctive reaction,the quizzes in a way prep me for future situations.
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@wahmivy (778)
• Philippines
12 Aug 10
The magazines I read now don't have them, but once upon a time when I was reading teen ones, I used to. It's fun. Now, for a dose of inane quizzes, I pop on over to Blogthings. They have everything from What Is Your Hippie Name to What Kind of Pizza Are You... Such a fun way to waste time! lol
@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
27 Jul 10
I sometimes answer the quizzes that I find in magazines. It is fun and sometimes I even learn something new about myself. I like answering questions like: "What would you do in that situation?" because it gives me the chance to think about my beliefs and my reactions, and I find that interesting. Of course you can't take the results too seriously, but it is still fun and entertaining to answer the questions. Sometimes it is easy to guess the "right" choice (the choice where you will get the most points) and that affects my choice sometimes.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
27 Jul 10
I enjoy magazine quizzes. They are fun and entertaining. Sometimes you can even learn a thing or two about yourself.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
27 Jul 10
Hi, Yes, I do played the magazine quizzes and sometimes I will submit it for their contest. Of course, not everytime will have the luck to win.but no harm to try it out. I do read those parenting magazine and it is a good magazine for first time mom. Learn new things from there,and have plenty of contest can be joined. I also submitted my son's photograph for some baby contest and he did won some of them. Not a big prize,just a consolation prize,also feel happy for it.