July 30, 2010 3:21am CST
is it right or wrong ? what about muscle mass, most doctors go on height and weight and calculate what you should be, most dont acknowledge muscle.
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@owlwings (39604)
• Cambridge, England
30 Jul 10
Body Mass Index is what it says - an index (or indicator) only. It is calculated using height and weight and is based on an average which is correct for most of the population. Although BMI does not appear to take account of relative proportions of fat, muscle and bone, any significant departures from the norm would be obvious to any doctor seeing the patient and would certainly be taken into account when the doctor gives advice about diet. The danger with any calculation of this kind is that it can be used improperly by people with very little knowledge of what the figure represents. Although BMI is often shown as a figure significant to a decimal place (or two) by online calculators, what is important is whether the person is significantly over or under weight as shown by the chart which accompanies it. Any person's 'ideal' weight is, in fact, not an exact figure but something which falls between an acceptable range of weights for that person's height. When you calculate your BMI, it is enough to say that it is within an acceptable range or too high or too low. A qualified doctor or dietician might adjust the acceptable range depending on the body type.