"Street Cats" Don't survive that LONG

July 30, 2010 11:51am CST
Hello Lotters, I haven't told you this because, I never got the chance to have him. i remember one mylotter said that street cats don't survive that long, if they don't healthy food or food at all, they will grow thin and die slow. guess what, it's true and i've seen it in so many cats. Like the cat who kept wondering around our place, a bit smaller than ponchi but much look like him a bit too. but he's too shy and HISS when ever i try to grab him. i have been feeding with food but i don't see belly in him, probably worms. HE died tonight...after a very strong RAIN few hours ago. i thought he sleeping but he's cold hard dead. If only he allowed me to adopt him, he would have never gone hungry again, or gain weight like ponchi. i swear, he could have been saved if he was with me. He was always outside the house, but for some reason he never approach me no matter how nice i am. but i fed him when ever he is there outside, trouble is dogs and other cats get to his food most of the time.
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@dawnald (84148)
• Shingle Springs, California
12 Aug 10
It's sad, but cats that don't learn to be comfortable around humans early on never will accept them. Best thing to do is get them spayed/neutered and rescue any kittens while they are still young and socialize them.
@calai618 (1781)
• Philippines
31 Jul 10
i honestly didnt know this. I actually thought that stray cats live much longer than those who comfortably live inside the house. I believe stray cats are a lot stronger and immune to environmental challenges unlike those domesticated ones. I really thought they would be more likely to survive. :D
@mspitot (3834)
• Philippines
31 Jul 10
I notice stray cats in markets and I feel bad for them cause many of them are unhealthy. I am happy whenever I see cats in markets that are well fed by stores owners. Some sores owners really take care of stray cats cause they eat mice that destroy their goods. I remember when I was young, I saw kittens in a store in the market in our place. My mom asked the vendor if we an have him. They gave it to us gladly. The vendor can't fed all the cats in his store cause he had so many cats already so he gives those kittens to those who want to take care of those cats. We have the same reason why I keep the stray cat and her kitten in our yard. Do you still remember my post about that new baby? The kitten is okay and very much comfortable playing inside our house while the mother is now excited when I go out with the food. I still want to have more cats in our house cause they bring happiness to me.
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
31 Jul 10
Oh Letranknight that is so very sad! I adopted a stray cat six years ago, I love her so much now that she is part of our family and I often wonder what would have become of her had we not taken her in. She actually came to us for help which is amazing because she is a very timid cat who my vet suspects may have been abused at some stage. Cats will come for help when they want to, this one did not want that from you which is a shame but I guess it was his time; I just hope he didn’t suffer too much before passing away…
@Hatley (164654)
• Garden Grove, California
31 Jul 10
hi letran that's so sad but you did try, and at least you have that comfort. Street cats I imagine at one time belonged to some mean hearted person who did not want to care for them so just chucked them out like so much garbage. Those people have to be some of the meanest people on earth.And they cause these poor animals such misery shame on them.I know they are called feral and are really hard to get close enough to bring inside and make pets. I am so sorry but you did try.
@jugsjugs (13045)
30 Jul 10
That is soo sad.I know that there are two people in two different places that feed ferral cats,but they are fed by these people every other day as it is too far for the person to travel,so she can only feed them every other day.There are loads of cats aswell as kittens on these two farms where these cats are and the farmer also puts scraps out for them.It is sad to see,but it happens every where.
@katiesueg (259)
• Italy
30 Jul 10
Hello Letranknight, How very sad for the cat. He could have had a nice home, but he was just too frightened. I have seen cats like that. However nice someone is to them, they just will not let anyone approach them. Maybe they had a bad experience with humans when they were just kittens, or maybe they were taught by their mothers not to trust people. Years ago we took in a black mother cat and her kitten which was black and white. Every time we approached the kitten, the mother made hissing noises. With the passage of time, the mother became a good pet, very affectionate, but the kitten remained wild, either because he had been taught to be afraid by his mother or something had happened to him before we adopted the cats. He was well fed, but he never ever let anyone touch him or get near him.