Iphone 3GS vs HTC vs Nokia N97

@dogito (89)
July 31, 2010 4:25pm CST
Hi all For some time looking around phones. I want my new phone has a touchscreen, wireless internet, 3.5 inches display and fairly good camera. Fluctuates between Iphone 3GS, HTC, Nokia N97. I would be grateful if you share my personal experience with these brands, say the pros and cons of the phone. Thank you :)
2 responses
• India
1 Aug 10
HTC its cost effective no slide problem like nokia N97 its worth a lot Abhishek Jain
@dogito (89)
• Bulgaria
1 Aug 10
And I doubt that the slide of Nokia at some point will fail. IPhone While this will not happen
• India
2 Aug 10
i personally believe iphone is not too good or the value for money. It looks good only in others hand or in news. about the nokia slide.My friend has it and thats why i said.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
23 Mar 12
htc phones normally has a good balance between price and features...lasy mobile phones from nokia re not as good as in the past but the price should result expensive for major models....iphone in reality is much more marketing than tech specs it is too expensive in relation to performance and features so probably it is not worth for the price is sold.