I want my husband to have an affair with another woman

August 2, 2010 3:42am CST
Yes, you've read it right. Crazy, isn't it? When other wives are complaining about their husbands having an affair with other women, here I am wanting my husband to try to have an affair with another woman. Weird?... yes, I think I am. No, my husband is not gay. He is just a perfect husband. We have been married for 23 years and never did we have a serious fight over anything. He doesn't give me any reasons to get angry because he loves me so much and he has been a very good, responsible and loving husband. However, living with a perfect husband for 23 years is becoming boring. There is nothing to spice up the relationship. I also want to experience how it feels to be jealous... How it feels to be challenged when there is another woman in your husband's life...How it feels when you kiss and hug after a big fight...how it feels to be angry...how it feels to cry and be hurt...how it feels to hurl at your husband with angry, hateful words...how it feels to kick your husband in the a**... and I need a reason for me to do that. These thoughts just came into my mind. Maybe I just want to know how I will feel and react once I learn that my husband is having an affair with another woman.