The women were seaching for the men in a relationship.

@sjaswon (639)
August 2, 2010 4:21pm CST
Messengers sent me in email. They were a woman. They said They saw my profile of any website, like me and nice of my picture. I read email about their wonderful life. They said they want to give me an email for more chatting in touch. I didn't answer for them. I didn't trust them who I don't know. I don't know why the women want.
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
3 Aug 10
There is a scam going around where women and women impersonators scour the social networking sites on the Internet, looking for make victims. Their modus operandi is similar, where they send at least one message to a targeted male, claiming to have been attracted by the profile, and wanting to know more about the intended victim. Sounds to good to be true. They have improved the scam, by claiming that one of the parents originated from the male's country of residence. In certain cases they use photographs of local women, ripped from another site. I have received many similar messages. I ignored many of them. As for the rest their answers gave the game away. For example 1) One claimed to be living in London. When I asked for a specific location she refused to answer, and became angry at me. 2) One claimed to be living in the UK from the day she was born. The English used had errors not done by a native. 3) Several refused to continue the communication on the website. This should not be a problem to a person genuinely looking for friendship. It seems that many of these scammers are from Eastern Europe and Africa. I do not want to be specific since there has been a request made by a group of male investigators not to do so. Their aim is to rip you off if you are rich enough. Reply to the messages at your own risk.