glocometer problem

August 3, 2010 7:42pm CST
myhusband has type 2 diabetes, we bought this AVIVA accu- check BRAND to test his sugar count. then we also have this ACCU- CHECK compact . we check his sugar at the same time , the same blood samples, using this 2 instrument to test blood sugar count. what happen? they have different reading and a difference of 2.0 something. what a big difference. what do you think whats the reason why it has a big difference? please help. WE SEEK Advice from phramacist but couldnt believe his opinion.
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@sallyj (1228)
• United States
4 Aug 10
They can be some how tested and reset, but i do not know haw or where. Hopefully some one can help you with this. They should vary little from to the other if they are any where near what they should be. I know i am of very little help and i am sorry for that. Good luck.
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@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
4 Aug 10
letty 2.0 is not that big a problem if it had been 20 then the pharmacist would have said to be worried. I personally as a diabetic for many years do not think Aviva is as good as OneTouch ultra. It is so much more accurate and if it costs a little more its well worth it. but 2 points is not that big a deal. For example most doctors say a fasting blood sugar should be between 90 and100 so 92 would be very good, see two points is not anything to worry about. And also one's blood sugar can move up or down in say five minutes so perhaps both those are accurate as those may have been true readings for that time. As my doctor told me our blood sugars fluctuate a lot during the day depending on how sedate or active we are.they just do not always stay the same all day. I would suggest you try One touch ultra.I know I do swear by it over a lot of other brands.
• Canada
4 Aug 10
thanks, maybe il try to buy next time the one touch ultra. the aviva reads 8.5, the compact reads 5.7 or sometimes lower than that. so if my husband will follow the compact reading , he should have no diabetes right? but if he follows the aviva ,he has diabetes. we brought that 2 machine to the owner-pharmacist and test it, he said no problem of the 2 machine but he cant answer why it has big diffrence. he said its only .2 or point somthing not a whole number specially 2. what the other pharmacist said, if my husband will feel dizzy it means low sugar, and if he felt not good maybe high sugar hahaha what a theres no use of using glocometer. thanks for the advice, il try one touch next time.