nature gift

August 5, 2010 2:33am CST
Fruits are the gift by nature to human beings,a years before people use only artificial drinks now people come to know there is no gain in artificial foods only fruits will give health to our life ,APPLE is the great example ,daily one apple will make our health good and A vitamin will be increased in our body, ,share ur words in fruits,,,
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@Galena (9123)
5 Aug 10
fruit IS wonderful, but I do find it very arrogant to think that it's there for us. it's there for the tree. or the bush. fruit is the plants method of reproduction. it makes it taste appealing so that animals, like us, will want to eat the fruit, and therefore spread the seeds, either through dropping the less edible part that holds the seeds, or in our waste. in fact, the plants have hit on a good one with us as a species of animal. because we like the fruit, not only do we spread the seeds, we cultivate whole orchards. so really they've got us right under the thumb. by having tasty fruit they've made us do just what they want us to do.