Time for school shopping?

United States
August 5, 2010 4:03pm CST
Another paycheck blow out of the time this year. My sister has to take her older daughter for school shopping, before the school start next week. I guess that my little niece would take her mom to the mall for clothing shopping first. Those brand name store like Abecrombie; Gap, or whatever their teenagers favorite ones are. One pair jean might simply cost around $40 to $60. She has to fit in, so my sister might squeeze her wallet and buy her two or couple of them. Besides it, new book bag, and other miscellaneous. What about you, do you have to go on shopping for your kids?
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
6 Aug 10
we dont buy clothes specificly for back to school, only if the kids need them. my kids are happy with thrift store stuff because you can get brand name stuff quite often.
• United States
6 Aug 10
I gave my daughter $215.00 to start school shopping. She got three shirts and some this and that stuff. Nothing worth the money at all. She is 16 I thought she would at least come in with three pairs of nicly priced jeans. None.. So I will take her next time I get money to the mall myself like a little child. I see she can't go shopping on her own right now.
@nixiecole (360)
• Philippines
6 Aug 10
Hey there! I'm speaking for the part of your niece. Before classes I ask my parents for money to go shopping. But they give me a limit, and I have to work around that budget. My parents really don't come with me when I shop, I prefer choosing my own clothes. But my mom comes often with me also cause she also enjoys shopping. :)
@maezee (32587)
• United States
5 Aug 10
Oh my goodness. I can imagine how these things can add up. I don't have kids, and my parents never really gave me any school clothes money - I grew up with hand-me-downs pretty much - which wasn't all that bad to be honest. If I were a parent, I would save my tax refunds and put them toward this - and ONLY go to thrift stores, consignnment shops, or shops like Plato's Closet (used clothing stores - with the brand names there and everything). You can save so much money by doing this! But yes. Kids are definitely expensive commodities. LOL.