do u think that there are more than one persons having same face????

@abj163 (1038)
August 6, 2010 11:45am CST
i think so...because i have seen some of them also.....many people dont find their matching face but some of them are lucky to find another person having their face......i am not lucky in this so i havent found anyone who looks like me..... so do u think there can be multiple people having same face??? have you met anyone who looks like you???
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@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
7 Aug 10
Hey abj! I have never met anyone that I thought looked like me, but I have seen people that looked like other people that I know! Everyone sees themselves differently so it is hard to see yourself the way you truly look! People have told me that they have seen people that "look like me" so maybe that is true!
@Hatley (164447)
• Garden Grove, California
7 Aug 10
abj hi yes many years ago I was waiting for the Jack Rabbit express bus in the Greyhound depot. a young man in a uniform rushed up to me, called me Ruthie, and said"oh you did come to meet me, dArling?: then he backed up and turned red,"oh maam I am so sorrry but you look like my Ruthie" He showed me her picture and we did look exactly a like. But what threw a cold chill down my back was the f act that her last night was the same as Mine. okay so a month later I did some researching and I found out the real truth,Ruthie was a half sister my father, who had cheated on my mom, would never admit to but he gave her his last name whatever for I never knew. b ut I did not want to meet her as the whole thing disgusted me as he had been playing around when he was almost 70 years old,. shame on him.My mom was a lovely woman who did not deserve how he treated her at all.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
6 Aug 10
Yes,i did. My friends says i look like one celebrity (ahem ahem ) I can say yes in some angles but totally having the same face. just a resemblance to tell that we looks the same in some particular parts of the face like eyes and our smiles. How about you,have you ever seen anyone same face like yours?
• India
6 Aug 10
ya i too belive it. i'm also having the identical pictures of some famous personalities. i still having them.
• India
6 Aug 10
Same or similar? yes it is quite possible to have someone with a similar face as yours. it is quite rare for two people to have the EXACT same face. even identical twins usually differ because the environment has different effects on them. you do not recognize a face by its entirety, but by certain features like shape of nose, mouth eyes etc.....if someone has a similar nose and moth also, you would think that he has the same face as yours........ so no, i dont think ppl can have the SAME face..........but similar? yes.