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August 7, 2010 1:55pm CST
what kind of women/men love by you....calm,sexy,funny,strict,etc
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@owlwings (39593)
• Cambridge, England
7 Aug 10
This is a 'poll type' question and will very likely be deleted. Read here: Everyone makes mistakes at first. Try to start discussions with topics that will encourage quality responses ... which will be ones to which you can comment with quality. If you are here to earn, you only earn from YOUR participation. If you start a discussion, you earn nothing until someone responds and you earn nothing more until you add QUALITY comments to the responses you get. Most newcomers would be much better off responding to discussions which interest them than by asking useless questions which have been asked a thousand times before. Duplicate and 'poll type' questions are always deleted when detected (and nobody earns anything when a 'discussion' is deleted!)