Why is it so hard to find skilled employees?

@bobmnu (8160)
United States
August 9, 2010 10:22am CST
I get the morning read, a summary of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and in this mornings selections they talk about the problems employers are having finding skilled workers. They list as some of the top reasons the: - extension of unemployment benefits - tight real estate marked - unwillingness to move or relocate I know of several people who are unemployed and love the extensions because they are able to collect unemployment benefits and they are working for cash doing work for people and business on the side. A few have even commented that they have more take home pay now than before. In a related article people report that they can make more on unemployment that they can by taking a job. what is happening to this country when through welfare, unemployment and job training programs a person is able to love better than if they were to get a job and start working their way up the ladder again. Are we creating a new class of people that the government will pay not to work?
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@Destiny007 (5820)
• United States
10 Aug 10
Yes... and that is the intention. The liberals want to create a culture of dependency that in turns guarantees that the people will then vote for liberals in order to continue getting those government handouts.
@lolo58 (54)
• United States
11 Aug 10
Ouch! that hurt but never truer. As sad as it is to say, numerous people are under the impression that they are entitled to get pampered and given pretty much what they when they want it and how they want it with little to no effort. The only people in my opinion that are entitled to anything are my parents generation (70's 80's) and grandparents. They have paid their dues and worked very hard for what they have - there were no hand outs. The time is coming too soon when that arena of life will no longer exist and they will be sorely missed.
• United States
14 Aug 10
Destiny007, why have you continued to collect early Soc Sec benes as opposed to being retrained? I recall from other posts you've made that your health issues, which are very similar to mine, have prevented you from getting off that gravy train. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones so you should probably lay off the liberals. I have to limp off to my job now, you have yourself a nice relaxing day watching tv buddy.
• United States
16 Aug 10
Jacklaw... at 23 years old you have no basis for challenging me for receiving benefits that I paid into for 30 years... and that I fought for 3 1/2 years to get. Do you really mean to suggest that I should turn down that which I have paid into for all of that time? Are you really that stupid and naive to suggest such a thing? For your information PUPPY... the ALJ assigned to my case made the determinations about my situation, and you have no right to question either it or me. I do not answer to you.
@akn1961 (1035)
• India
15 Aug 10
problems are in blood and their bringing up ,i have seen many parents wants children should earn good money without any labour or less labour ,result is children is less sincer ,honest and dedicated ,final out put less skilled people
@SilverKing (1023)
• Canada
11 Aug 10
Yeah most people are not willing to relocate when they find out a job requires it they usually look for another job.Most good high paying jobs require that you are able to relocate , by not accepting this people refusing to relocate are essentially capping their income.Although it is a hard thing to leave friends and family behind to go to a new job , you can always visit on your holidays and with modern technology you can see and talk to then with a web cam.